Internet Banking in Singapore with HSBC Bank

Internet Banking in Singapore with HSBC BankThe HSBC bank in Singapore was established in 1877 and currently serves customers through its eleven traditional branches as well as over the internet.

The bank offers access to the following services of internet banking:
1. Account balance, credit card reward points balance, transactions history and net worth statement check.
2. E-Statements over up to 24 months period of time and e-mail alerts for new credit card statements.
3. Review of a summary and details of all HSBC personal investment products and unit trust holdings such as gain or loss information as well as the number of units.
4. The latest analytical instrument, FundExpres, for easy and quick fund selection.
5. Information on interest, foreign exchange, cut-off times, insurances, deposits and loan products.
6. Saving of 66.7% per same day money transfer (MEPS) within Singapore and setting of templates for future transfers as well as for frequent transfers.
7. Telecommunication and utility checks payments and set up of a schedule for repeated payments.
8. Personal information, PIN and correspondence address update and password change. To reset a password, it is required to log in to HSBC online banking using the current username, password and security device code, answer correctly to the security questions, input the new password and confirm it.
9. SMS alerts for credit, debit and balance notifications.
10. New account and term deposit opening.
11. Balance transfer to a personal credit card or line of credit.
12. Requests for new check books, a temporary increase of credit limit, payments suspension, personal internet banking limits change and product news.
13. Setting up internet banking limits (up to $100,000.00 per day).
14. Cash withdrawals at more than 500 locations of HSBC ATMs, Express Banking lobby, atm5 network and QuickCach Cold Storage Group in Singapore.

All the banking information and online transactions are safe with HSBC Security Device, a compact portable digital generator. The device can be activated by completing the Activation Precess, which connects the device to the client’s personal credentials in HSBC. Once activated, the device generates new security codes for each login and transfer on HSBC internet banking. The device requires no downloads, system adjustments and set-ups; its algorithms are complex, providing a maximum possible level of protection from online attacks. The generation of the security code is not dependent on a third party, signal availability or geographical location of the client. It is designed to be used separately from PC and phone and be free for potential virus or hacking.

The client is responsible for using it individually and not sharing the security codes. The security device needs to be kept dry and safe from considerable temperature fluctuations. It is allowed to attach key chains, stickers and chords to the device, as long as they do not give any specific personal information or passwords. In case the message “BATT” appears on the LCD screen of the security device, call HSBC customer service hotline: the message means that the battery is low, and the device is to be replaced. The clients of the bank are not allowed to dismantle the device or replace the battery themselves.The HSBC Singapore provides also automated phone banking service. For its activation, it is needed an HSBC bank account, credit card or phone banking number and a phone banking PIN. Inquiries on account balance, details of recent transactions, transfers between personal accounts, information on promotions, new products and exchange rates are available by calling 1800-HSBC NOW (4722 669) in Singapore or 556-HSBC NOW (4722 669) from abroad.

Singapore is one of the largest and fastest growing financial centres in Asia

Today, there are 111 commercial banks, 49 merchant banks, and 45 banks with representative offices operate in Singapore, managing more than $350 billion of assets (2004). The banking industry in Singapore is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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